Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ones We Love

This morning I got a waking call from my sister in Ohio. She called to inform me my mom had been in a car accident. A 17 year old girl had run a red light and hit my mom, totaling her car and sending my mom in an ambulance to the hospital. With my mom's neck and back trouble and past neck surgeries, we were concerned the screws in her neck would come out or that some damage would be done to her spine. I am on the other end of the country and I was worried. I hated that I couldn't rush to the hospital to check on my mom. I had no knowledge of the severity and was scared by the unknown. I was comforted by prayer and the knowledge that God is in control, but still hating the silence and lack of control on my end.

I was reminded by the situation about the importance of relationships and how we should not take each other for granted. I was reminded that we must be communicating love to each other and work out all our fights with friends and family, because we never know what will happen tomorrow. I was glad as I waited for a report that I had just returned from a love-filled visit with my mom and family, because in that moment I wanted my mom to know she was loved.

An hour later I received a positive report - the screws in my mom's neck were still in tact and the damage to her back was not permanent, and the only other damage was to her teeth - easily fixed. Praise God.

From Katie Love Carrie

Happy birthday Carrie
I love Carrie so much
Can you take to lunch again Some time
Where are doing tomorrow morning
Carrie love's me very much
Can you do Something on Next Birthday
I love Carrie so much
When are you doing on Next day or Other Week
Do you like Dogs so much
Can you Give me Money for Washing will your Gone you Went Ohio
May be can Buy you a StarBucks on your Birthday

(This was my birthday note from Katie)

Monday, September 21, 2009

All That Matters

Below is a little something I wrote a while back that never made it on the blog, so here it is:

Do you ever stop and ask yourself what your life reveals about your priorities? I got to take a deep look at this question over the weekend. My answer to the priority question has really changed. I believe one priority I did not recognize was fear. I was motivated by how others saw me or fear of getting emotionally or physically hurt. Those things kept me from my desired priorities like God, walking by the Spirit, loving people, and experiencing the wonderment of life and the moment. As I begin to experience freedom from fear I truly experience the life planned by God. Won't you join me?