Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spiritual Life - Talking to Myself

My mom sent my sister and I marriage series from Jimmy Evans to watch with our husbands. My husband and I are working through "Marriage on the Rock." First, let me say that it is a great series. I have been through a variety of relational and marriage seminars, but Jimmy expresses ideas in a way that connects with me. So even things I have heard before are finding deeper application in my life and marriage. With that said, this last week, the topic of our words was explored. I know as any good, God fearing woman, that our words have power, but the simple way Jimmy Evans explained it has me talking to my stomach and thighs. Yes, I am now talking to my body parts.

Okay, let me rewind. In the video Jimmy explains how God spoke the world into existence (read Genesis) and that science has proven in tests that plants do better when verbally encouraged. Our words have power. We can speak life or death into our lives, our friends and our bodies.

The truth is, I didn't just start talking to my body. I've been talking to it all my life. At times I've looked in the mirror with a disapproving look and word about my belly or back of my thighs. I'm guilty of bad mouthing the way I look in an outfit or how I feel about my body on a certain day. I'm guilty of putting down my body and if my words are powerful, I'm not making things better, but worse. So I've decided to change my words, encourage my body. I've begun telling my tummy that its doing good and can tighten up like it used to. I tell my body its looking good for 35 and doing well.

I'd like certain things to change in my life, and all of this makes me wonder what I am doing to change it. Are my words keeping me down in the areas where I am most dissatisfied? Is my complaining and venting enslaving me in the very state that I wish to escape? Its time to change my attitude and words. If God used words to create this world and, as his child, I have the power of him living in me, then I can use my words to allow him to create something new in my life and heart. So I'm starting with my body parts and hope to be expanding out to all areas of my life.

I talk a lot, but is what I am saying encouraging or discouraging? Now is the time to discover and be intentional with what I say because speaking is believing. Words have power! WORD!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Creative Life - DIY Apron Project

When I say, I sew, I mean I know how to use a sewing machine at the novice level. I can do some troubleshooting when my bobbin doesn't function properly but beyond that, I call for reinforcements. I can measure and cut out a simple pattern, but tend to fly by the seat of my pants and hope it turns out. As you will note from a previous post, some redo projects, like my attempt to turn a maxi dress into a maxi skirt can be a major fail and look like I drink heavily. So keep all that in mind as you read this post.

My son enjoys cooking with me and has started working on some painting projects as gifts for Christmas. He doesn't have a smock/apron of his own and generally uses his sisters' flower patterned apron. This can be a problem when she wants to use it. So I thought it high time he had his own.

I set out to Hobby Lobby in search of fabric (Note: While Joann's has a much greater selection of fabric, I find Hobby Lobby has much more trendy prints). I discovered some red fabric with Mickey Mouse heads in a darker shade of red and my friend, Amanda, discovered a Toy Story print with Buzz and Woody (two very big names in our house). I guessed (correctly, I might add) that I would need a yard of the Toy Story fabric and a half yard of the Mickey Mouse fabric. I used the floral apron of Katie's as a pattern for this one, though it is a little big for him. I guess I figure he can keep it longer if he will grow into it.

- Here's Katie's apron (I chose not to the do the bottom with the ruffle like this one)

I measured the strips and ironed them inside out so that I could easier sew them, then pull them threw right side out, then sewed them closed.

As you can see the bottom is a jagged mess, but I cut it and folded it straight when I sewed it.

I folded a piece for the pocket double the size I wanted and ironed it. I sewed the bottom of the pocket on, then cut the back piece of the fold, so it would have a nice seam length, then sewed both sides.

Voila! The finished project!