Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The First Year Happens in A Flash

Okay so this is 6 months overdue, so I am finally publishing this. I was waiting for more pictures, but I will just do a part 2 later with more pictures. This was so fun!!! A great theme for sure! - Carrie

Caleb's party was completely fabulous! I had a lot of fun with the photo themed party! I loved the "It Happens in a Flash" launch to a photorific party. I must say while I added my own touches, I definitely benefitted from the fabulous ideas of other bloggers. Hostess with the Mostess and Pennies on the Platter aided me with their parties of the same theme.

The photo backdrop was almost identical to that of Pennies on a Platter, but it came in a three pack at Target and was a great match to our color scheme.

The theme was seen on the self made labels for the water bottles & in labeling the food.

The kids loved Pixie Sticks and I loved the play on words, "MegaPixies."

The rest of the menu included popcorn, fruit, dips, pizza bagels and a few other things. I also placed food on picture frames to go with the theme.

The one deviation from the theme was a family tradition being passed down, the cake. It was the Kaleidoscope Cake, which was a cake I had as a child and once my mom did it, became my cake every year. The colors of the cake was what decided the color scheme of the party.

We had a kiddie corral with toys for little ones, a bounce house, and a kid table covered in butcher paper with crayons.

The tables were decorated with pictures of Caleb and photofetti

I made some collages of Caleb and put them around the room. It was easy with Costco Photo - you could add up to 30 pictures on one 8x10 or larger size picture so I made 4 - Sir Smiles A Lot, Sleeping Prince, Silly Caleb, & Family Photos. They made great keepsakes for the grandmothers.

I made a timeline of birth to 12 months, month by month that hung over the food table and had a time capsule for people to write notes for Caleb to open on his 18th birthday.

Though the most fun was the photobooth. It was a blast. The best was my dad with my mom and step mom.

Our Family!