Friday, February 5, 2010

2009 In Review

2009 was a full year for the Guy family. It was a year of excitement, milestones and grief.

I (Carrie) started out the year with a trip to Thailand. I was presented in this trip with some true models of the Christian faith. I had an opportunity to visit a refugee camp on the Thai/Myanmar border and was changed by my experiences. I also was provided the opportunity, thanks to family, to fly to Ohio twice this year. First, to celebrate Aunt Abbie's 100th birthday in April, and again in September for a family reunion. It was great to see Abbie again in September before her passing a few short months later. This year brought music back into my life as I was able to start voice lessons, and also serve as the assistant coach/choreographer for the Central Valley Christian High School Cheer Squad. I continue to work as youth pastor at First Christian Church. I also teach a class at the House of Hope women's rehabilitation facility, which I enjoy throughly as well as co-hosting Life Report, a pro-life podcast. I have also started writing for an online missionary magazine called Hope Ink.

This summer we had an opportunity to take a family trip traveling around to see different friends and family members. We had a great time with Kevin's dad and step mom in Palm Desert and also in Ranchos Palos Verdes with my Aunt Julia and family. It was relaxing and enjoyable trip with lots of great memories.

Two days after my 31st birthday, Sandie, Kevin's mom, died of a heart attack after struggling with complications of liver failure. It all seemed to happen so quickly and has been a difficult reality to wrap our lives around. Kevin and I were overjoyed to discover we were finally pregnant in October, but unfortunately miscarriaged the day before Thanksgiving. We hope to get pregnant again soon. This fall we were also priviledged to join family in celebrating Debby’s (Kevin’s stepmom) retirement.

Kevin continues his work at Exeter Engineering, and allows his faith to impact the men he works with each day. He is still excelling as head Deacon at the church and in his leadership of the Stephen Ministry program. He also continues to mentor men at the Visalia Rescue Mission's rehabilitation program, and is growing in his speaking abilities as we occassionally give meditations at the communion table. He does a great job of visiting people in the hospital and elderly shut-ins as his regular Sunday afternoon schedule.

Stephanie celebrated her 18th birthday and high school graduation on the same day. We were able to celebrate with several family members and friends at the house before heading to the El Diamante High School graduation. She also celebrated her one year anniversary this year with boyfriend, Daniel Elliot (pictured with her photos). Stephanie is now working at Curves and studying full-time at College of the Sequoias. She desires to be a nurse in the future.

Katie just celebrated her 24th birthday with a bowling party with some of her friends and then pizza and cake at the house with friends and family - it was quite the tadoo. She is still apart of the Able Lifeskills Program working to become better at everyday tasks and is looking at work opportunities in the community in the near future.

All in all it was a memorable year in the Guy home with events that will stay with us for a lifetime.