Monday, April 20, 2009

The Time Machine

Yes, it is true that things change over time,but it's also true that somethings don't least not for a long time. This Saturday was my Aunt Abbie's 100th birthday. She has seen a lot change since 1909. I can't even imagine all the changes she has lived through. But one thing I enjoyed seeing was the familiar. Aunt Abbie is extremely spry for her age. She still lives at home with an active life. One of my favorite things as a kid was the eating experience at Aunt Abbie's -she always did love to cook, still does, and no meal was ever simple. There are always a good 10-20 dishes on her table and more food in a meal than one could eat in a week. Dinner Saturday night was a plate full of Aunt Abbie's cooking that made me feel I'd just entered heaven. The good food was surrounded by decor that has been the same since I was a kid and suddenly I was back in time flooded with fond memories. It was a wonderful day with loved ones, celebrating a wonderful woman (who I suspect could live to see 200).