Monday, September 26, 2011


When life gets me down, I just remember this day - having a baby can teach you so much about life. The best things in life hurt like hell but are worth it when its all said and done!

It goes by fast so take in each moment and let the to do list go from time to time, its gonna end up in the trash when the list is done anyway and a good memory lasts a lifetime.

Today is my lil guy's 8 month birthday...only 4 more months til he's a year. It feels like yesterday that I brought him home. Life is precious!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Remake Inspired by Dresscue Me

This past year I discovered the show, "Dresscue Me" on Green Planet. The show follows Shareen Mitchell as she reworks Vintage dresses for her clients both famous and every day folk from her LA and NY store. A few birthdays ago I got a sewing machine that never got used as I got pregnant soon after and was busy with my new life role.

Fast forward to this past spring. I was looking into the future at my cousin's summer wedding. I wanted a new dress, but didn't have the funds. I went down to Rescued Treasures, a local thrift store, and started looking for some real finds. I brought home several things to include a dress that cost me $5. It was a long sleeve, high neck dress with three flapper inspired, pleated skirts. I made a mistake and forgot to take a before picture. But I worked with my friend, Sabrina, and when we were done, I had spent $3 more to a total of $8 for a new dress. We took off the top and made it a strapless dress, then cut off the last skirt so we were left with 2 skirts. See the result in the pictures below. Not only had I saved money, but I felt proud of my accomplishment. I have a few other dresses that I have plans for, so keep an eye out for those in the future. From now on I will take some before pictures.

Note: I am the one on the left in both pictures.