Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adventures in Mothering - Dropping the Ball, or in my Case, the Baby

I had a heart wrenching moment just a week ago. Its taken me this long to write it down because I've been in shock. A week ago I was walking in the house with baby in car seat. I had undone the belt and was walking across the kitchen, when a little rock happened with the car seat just as Caleb jerked, and you guessed it, Caleb came tumbling out - Ahhh!!! My heart fell out of my chest and grabbed for my now crying child. I pulled him to me and ran to the chair to nurse him and hopefully bring comfort. I called the doctor to be sure he was okay, and of course he was. He did have a mark on his cheek for a few days, but the mark in my heart was much worse. I know with kids, especially boys, wounds will be inevitable, but the first time for me was traumatic. A song comes to mind - "The first cut is the deepest, baby I know..." - Cat Stevens and Sheryl Crow would be so proud.

We will be okay and hopefully it will be a long time before he incurs any other injuries, like 18 years, and hopefully it won't be because of me. A mom can dream!

Get Over It

Have you ever noticed how we tend to focus on the negative? I was once told when we fall down on walking down the sidewalk we don't lay there and cry that we were so stupid to fall, but we get up and keep walking, yet in life too many times we find ourselves stopped crying over a fall. I too am guilty of this, but I see too many people focused on the fall instead of the road ahead.

People make mistakes and as I look at the lessons I want to teach my son, this is an important one. If I spend time hiding mistakes or focusing on my failures I am teaching him that there is fault in falling, but really the fault is in not picking yourself and continuing on. We need to take responsibility for our wrong actions, when applicable, but we need to learn from it and move on. Dwelling does no one any good. I want Caleb to know that mistakes and failures are just a part of life. Finishing something means something when you've learned from mistakes along the way.