Friday, November 13, 2015

Unexpected Blessings

For the past two weeks I have been sick. It started after a big rain as an allergy reaction, then didn't go away and it would appear (as I was just informed by the doctor) I got a secondary infection from someone else.  So now I'm on some medicine and on the mend.  But as I've battled sinus issues and coughs etc, I did what my mom taught me (and reminded me) to do:


I prayed for others with sicknesses like mine, but also those bedridden with chronic illnesses.  I prayed for people who aren't just sick for two weeks then get better, going about their lives, but those who face sick as a norm. As I prayed, do you know the amazing truth I discovered in praying for others who are sick? 

Doing so aids me with empathy.  I hate being sick, and it's challenging to find motivation to keep trekking with the responsibilities of life.  I can't imagine that reality being my reality!

Praying for those in my shoes also enables me to walk in gratitude! I can praise God that I live a fairly healthy life.  Embodying gratitude is truly about perspective, that is what Paul is talking about when he implores us to be grateful in all circumstances (I Thessalonians 5:18).  It's not saying, "Thank you God I'm sick, I love being sick!" Instead it's seeing what I do have through the lens of this challenge.  

I also see gratitude in the fact that I have people to help care for me. 
My husband has been caring enough to forego his time to veg to be with the kids so I could nap or get a bath. Can I tell you what a blessing that has been?!

Lastly, I've grown in appreciation for my mom! My mom was hit by a car a few years back and now struggles with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a nerve disorder that has her in constant pain.  She rarely complains, and keeps moving forward as a spiritual light to so many.  What a Godly example! She's also the one, afterall, that taught me to pray for others through the trials of life so that what I face can positively impact the world!!!

If you are reading this, maybe you've begun to do some reflection into areas where your life can lead you to pray.  What challenges have got you down and what perspective can you see that will grant you gratitude? Life is tough, and my cold isn't even a major challenge, but if you invite God into any challenge, you may be amazed at the results!