Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cooking with Mommy

Today was a first for my little man as he helped mommy cook tonight! We tried a recipe my friend, Amanda, posted on my Facebook. You can get it from this photo.

Here's my boy putting the seasonings into the bowl after I measured them out.

Now he is mixing them together.

As I cut the veggies he put them into the bowl. You can see that he ate of few of the peppers.

I did make a few changes in my method of the recipe. Instead of putting the chicken in the baking dish and then adding the other ingredients, I mixed the seasonings and oil in the bowl and then tossed in the chicken to get an even coat. The veggies were added after the chicken to the bowl. I also only had orange and red peppers so didn't end up using green. This is one to try, it had a great taste to it and was fairly easy to do quickly, which is always nice. Even better than the recipe was Bubba's help. Its his introduction to cooking!