Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Walk With Me

About the time school started, I began to get up and walk before the younger kids were awake.  I found a circuit around my neighborhood that took me about a half hour.  

I loved it at first because its 100 degrees outside and a 60 degree morning walk, was amazing to enjoy the cool air.  But I began to jump out of bed for the walk each morning for reasons beyond the air temperature.  

I purposefully set out on the walk with nothing (I mean I was obviously clothed).  I left the cell phone at home and took advantage of the walk to clear my head.  I had quiet, alone time to talk with God and think about my day.  

We need more time to talk to God, to think and just be.  

It has been amazing.  I am such a people person, but surprisingly, I am loving my solo time, or maybe more accurately, my time with God.  

The thing is, I didn't know I needed it until I started doing it.  I did know I needed exercise and don't worry, I know I need more than a 30 minute walk to shed the current unwanted pounds, but the many ways this one morning ritual has helped me is a bit unbelievable.  

If you've read my blog, you know the point in all of this isn't just me.  So now its your turn.  When I titled this post, "Walk with Me," I didn't mean get out there and walk the neighborhood beside me, instead, I'm challenging you to do something like my morning walk, for you.  

I really envy the girls that seem to have self-care down to a science, but that has never been me.  Taking care of myself is something I run right by in the efforts to complete my daily checklists.  I am learning that by neglecting myself, I'm setting myself up for failure in the marathon of life. 

Are you someone like me that tends to neglect some area of self-care?  Rest? Exercise? Free thought time? Pedicure? Prayer and Bible Study? I don't know what it is for you, but if I were a betting woman, I'd put money on the fact that there is something you need to do to help yourself.  

So here's my question: 

Will you walk with me?  

Comment below or message me and share how you would answer this question.  I want to know what you need to add to your life.  

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Taking a Break

Hey folks, I have been juggling a lot lately.  The changes in my jobs are starting to normalize, but the next week or so in transition is going to need my attention.  I will be back (and I should have posted this last week), but the almost done posts I've been working on just need a bit more work, so I will get them to you soon.  Thanks for reading my posts! It means a lot!!! - Carrie